Ziarah Janssen was born on July 20, 1990 in Curaçao. She graduated at the institute for performing arts in Amsterdam. She studied at the Wolf’Qademy and is trained in the Chubbuck Technique.  In 2010 she started playing in theater productions, and from 2014 she started her career on screen.

Furthermore, as an artist she is always working in her studio where she eveloped her ART & SISTERSJANSSEN


Ziarah Janssen sources her inspiration from everyday life. Through the use of bold brushstrokes and layered vivid colors Ziarah creates captivating pieces that will catch your attention. While being an actress, Ziarah uses painting as an expressive form of art that does not require words. It is also a way to process the events of the world we live in; her art is an immediate reflection of the reality while being the personal quest of one’s self.

Besides paintings Ziarah also collaborates with her sister Tisja, Together they are SISTERSJANSSEN.

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