Teddy is expecting a great reviving holiday with his sister Gina in the south of Italy, when the news of a passing family member brings along all the demons of their dark past on Curaçao.

The film is created in Amantea during the la guarimba film festival. A festival where filmmakers come together to make film. To go and make this movie was a beautiful initiative from Tarikh Janssen, Ziarah’s brother and Laura Hermanides the director.

Laura Hermanides

Nina Badoux


Main character Gina


Short film



Da Bounce Urban Film Festival | Winner Best Short Film
Remarks from Jury shortcutzamsterdam:

“A very compelling story about how our psyche can reinvent history to make deep trauma in our lives. Well acted. Well shot. Well told.”

Christopher Mack | Director Creative Talent Investment & Development for Netflix International Originals

“A disruptive film. On an apparently sunny holiday, in which the attraction between brother and sister becomes more and more exciting, the sister lets her brother confess the gruesome truth about abuse in the family. Beautifully portrayed, beautiful game and subtly constructed!”

Marina Blok | head of drama ntr

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