Ganni x SistersJanssen – Opening store AMSTERDAM

In Collaboration with Ganni Amsterdam

Sophie van Hasselt


Sophie van Hasselt & Tisja Janssen


Rik van Leeuwen – Soundhouse Amsterdam


Meet @sistersjanssen, a platform created and composed by sisters Tisja and Ziarah Janssen to combine their passions to inspire and motivate by visually communicating their beliefs. Sisters Janssen created an exclusive art piece for our GANNI Amsterdam store, along with a short film.

“We created a special painting that represents our sisterhood as two individuals that move like one and feed each other’s souls with love, energy and creativity, and our message; a colorful future.

In addition to the painting, we also created a short film documenting how we work, how we create and our process behind the GANNI Amsterdam art piece.
For us, Amsterdam is the city that feels like home. The creativity, the diversity, the possibilities; an open minded city where a lot of ideas and concepts are being written.”


Our Painting forever being a part of the @ganni Amsterdam store. The frame is created together with our mom Helen Martina 

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